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Assam Black Tea

Assam Black Tea is well known from the British Era when the Scottish explorer turned tea planter Robert Bruce, engendered friendship with Assam Black Tea gardeners and exported the Tea leaves to the East India Company in Calcutta in the 1820s. The name Assam Black Tea is derived from the place where it is produced which is Assam in India. The use of Assam Black Tea started traditionally in the Yunnan province in China. The plant Camellia Sinensis i.e. assamica is specifically used for the manufacturing of Assam Black TeaAssam Black Tea which is mostly grown at or near sea level, is very famous for its body, briskness, malty flavor, and strong and bright color. Assam Black Tea or its blends are frequently known as breakfast teas. A lesser known fact is that Irish Breakfast Tea, a maltier and one of the solid breakfast teas, consists of small-sized Assam Black Tea leaves. Another highlight of Assam Tea Gardens is that they do not follow Indian Standard Time(IST) but have their own local time which is known as Tea Garden Time or Bagantime, which is an hour ahead of the IST. This system was introduced during British days keeping in mind the early sunrise in this part of the India.
Assam Black Tea Leaves
There are many benefits of Assam Black Tea. There are as follows:
·         Improves Mental Awareness
·         A Good Remedy for Cancer Treatment
·         Improves Cardiovascular Health
·         Decreases The Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

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The sun rises with new hope Kites fly with vigour crops Are ready to be harvested All denoting hope, Joy and abundance. Happy Makar Sankranti

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